If you have a deck or porch that has seen better days, regular cleaning methods just might not be cutting it anymore. No matter how well you care for your exterior surfaces, the elements can be relentless and older decks will begin to show their age eventually.

Koval Builders doesn’t just specialize in building and repairing decks and porches, but also in making sure that your existing exteriors are kept as beautiful as the day they were built. This is where power washing comes in. You may have heard the terms power washing and pressure washing used interchangeably, but there is one key difference between the two. That difference is heat. By using hot, highly pressurized water, our experts are able to deeply and thoroughly clean even the grimiest of surfaces. This process can remove all kinds of stains and debris that you may have thought were impossible to get rid of!

Power washing is an excellent solution if you have exterior areas which are overrun by salt, mildew, weeds, or any other undesirable and unsightly conditions. You’ll be blown away by what a good power washing can do for your aging deck, so give us a call and let our cleaning crew do their work. You won’t regret it.

Another service which can help keep your deck or porch looking its best is our deck sealing service. Your deck is outside, which means it’s going to be exposed to tough conditions, from weather to foot traffic to chairs being scraped over its surface. Without a good sealing job, this is going to leave your deck cracked, fading, and looking generally worn down.

At Koval Builders, we use high quality, water-resistant sealant which can minimize a lot of the wear-and-tear your deck will suffer over the years. After a good power washing, it’s always a good idea to seal the deck so that your shiny new deck isn’t immediately torn apart again. With a good, professional sealing job, your deck will be able to survive both the direct assault of the sun during summer and the rain and storms of even the harshest winter.

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