A Porch Builder’s Guide to Protecting Your Porch Before Winter

Whether you have a new construction by expert porch builders in Chicago or an old porch that you love and want to keep, the key to maintaining your porch is to protect it ahead of every winter season. This can be handled in a couple of different ways that include a permanent protection barrier and a temporary cover that will keep the weather out.

Here is what your porch builders Chicago might suggest to you for protecting your porch before winter hits.

Adding a Temporary Plastic Screen to Your Porch

You definitely want to make use of your porch for many years so protecting it from the harsh winter elements is a great idea. By installing even a temporary porch screen that is made of clear plastic or vinyl, you can achieve the protection you want.

Even a temporary covering on your porch can not only make your porch last longer through years of winter protection but it can serve as a barrier that will allow you to make some use of your porch during the cold months. Installation is relatively simple so you can make it a fun DIY project for the whole family.

Permanent Adjustable Screening for Your Porch

To make the most of your porch and give it the ultimate protection over the winter, consider an aluminum or fiberglass enclosure. Your porch contractors Chicago can install it for you so you can have a custom fit throughout the year. Various panels come together to create a great barrier, and in the summer it can be opened up just like cranking open a window to enjoy the outdoors.

While it might be a little more complicated than putting up a plastic screen, you can also turn permanent screening into your own DIY project.

Porches can be a wonderful part of the home for gatherings or as simply a welcoming area for your home, but with the right protection, you can maintain your porch through the winter and all year long. For advice on winterizing your porch or any other inquiries, reach out to your local experts. Searching for porch builders near me Chicago will connect you with professionals who can help make your porch enjoyable throughout the year and for many years to come.