Deck & porch installation cost

Deck – an investment for years

Did you know that deck installation belongs to the most profitable household investments you can make? It adds much value to your house and is marked by one the biggest return of investments, meaning it will repay in more than 80% when selling the house. Your first action when deciding upon a deck installation should be a call to the tax assessor’s office as taxes and insurance are part of the budget. The next crucial factor to decide is the material, and here’s where you have to be careful. Of course, untreated wood decks will cost you the least, but they require yearly maintenance. Remember – upkeeping should also be a part of your budget! If you’re planning on staying in the house for a long time, consider using more expensive yet durable materials like pressure-treated lumber or hardwood.

How to reasonably save on porch and deck installation

It is more than logical that the cost of porch or deck installation is highly dependant on the desired size. For example, a 16′ x 20′ deck installation can eat up to 22.000$. That is with chipping in the costs for deck builders: around 70$/h for carpenters, up to 85$/h for electricians (lighting) and up to 30$ for painters, all dependant on the deck company. One way to decrease the costs is to time the project for colder seasons, when the number of porch and deck installation jobs is usually smalller than during summer.

When it comes to saving on porches, there is little room to maneuver. Some of the reasonable options include choosing a felted flat roof or a one sided tiled roof. It is generally not advisable to scrimp on porches, as they are usually located at the front of the house and used multiple times on a daily basis. Bearing this in mind, remember that we at Koval Builders are eager to assist with your deck or porch project, including offering free estimates. When searching for deck builders near me Chicago, don’t hesitate to reach out for our expert help.