Getting Your Deck Ready for Summer

Have you been itching to get outside now that summer is here? Maybe you want to use your deck for some summertime lounging. The only problem is that your deck is weather-worn from the Chicago winter and is less than welcoming. It now needs some serious upkeep. No problem there; we’ve got you. Koval deck builders want to share their tips to get your deck ready for a memorable summer of fun and relaxation. 

Clear Your Deck

You may have some deck furniture or accessories like tables, chairs or barbecues that may have been left out during the winter months. Give these a good wipe down with some cleaning supplies before starting on the deck and take the furniture off afterwards once washed to allow for a complete deck cleaning. 

Wipe It Down

It’s more than likely that your deck has picked up a few things like leaves, dirt and other unsavoury gifts from Mother Nature. Think about it, that’s months of build up from when you haven’t been using your deck. The first thing you will need to do is remove anything on the deck in order to give your deck some TLC by completely scrubbing it down. Depending on the condition of your deck, it may need to be pressure washed. If you don’t have a pressure washer available, this service is offered through various decking companies.

Examine any Seasonal Damages and Potential Repairs

Sometimes Chicago winters can be rough on your deck. Along with the regular seasonal cleanup with minor things like leaves, there may be one or two repair projects to be done. Once you have it cleaned and cleared, take a look to see if it may need a new coat of stain or any repairs to components like the banisters, staircase or railings. If you do find some things that could use some work, there are many decking and repair companies in the Chicago area to assist with this.


Once you have your deck all fixed with the important repairs, you can then have fun with decorating! Some creative things you can add to your deck include shrubberies, flower pots, bird feeders, lanterns, fun pillows and blankets for your lounge furniture. 

Relax and Enjoy!

There you go! Your deck has gotten the well-deserved repair and upkeep that it deserves. Now you’re all ready to take advantage of your deck for the hot summer months!