How to decorate your porch for Halloween?

Decorating Your Porch For Halloween

It’s that season again! Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to get spooky with your home decorations. Whether you’re expecting house guests, trick-or-treaters, or just want to get into the Halloween spirit, there are some great DIY options for decorating your front porch. From full-blown haunted house decorum to more simple and lighthearted fun, it’s a great time of year to get creative and brighten up the exterior of your home. Here, we’ve gathered some of the top ways to decorate your porch for Halloween. So take a look, find the decorations which suit you, and get into the spirit!

Simple Do-It-Yourself Projects

Candy corn is one of the most important symbols of the Halloween season and candles are great too, so why not combine the two? Take an empty hurricane glass, fill it halfway with candy corn, and then add an orange or black candle. Fill the glass up a little further so the candy corn goes around the candle and you’ve got a great, festively scented decoration for your porch. For something a little creepier, consider adding some tattered drapes. You can take some cheesecloth and soak it in tea overnight to create an aged look. Dry it out and staple it in 6-8 feet sections after cutting random holes to create a tattered appearance.

Make Any Home A Fun Haunted House

Fake broken glass? We’ve got you covered. Attach contact paper directly to the window and cut away jagged areas to create an illusion of broken glass! Even easier than most of the other DIY porch decorations, adding spooky, dangling skulls is a great touch for any Halloween porch. You can find plastic skulls in most craft stores around this time of the year, so grab a few and spray paint them. Then group them together with double sided tape and hang them up!