Wooden deck and patio of family home at night.

How to decorate your porch with lighting?

Lighting provides more than just light to your porch. It can also add warmth and a welcoming feeling. That’s why the right lighting for your porch can make your home look great for you and your visitors. You can consult your local porch builders in Chicago for tips on installing the perfect lighting for your porch. Here are some ideas to start you off.

Wall Sconces

As a very common lighting solution on porches, wall sconces come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors to give your porch the look you want. Depending on the size of your porch, you can select the sconce that emits more or less light while displaying your style at the same time.  For an eye-catching look, consider a sconce on both sides of the door if you have the space available.

Ceiling Mounted Lighting

You may not have room for a wall sconce, or you may prefer a different solution, which makes a ceiling-mounted light the perfect option. There are numerous choices available so you can light up the area exactly as you like.

Pendant Lighting

If you have a high ceiling on your porch, bring the lighting down to the level you choose. For best results, hang your light no lower than seven feet.

Pathway Lighting

By installing path lights leading up to your door you are sending a welcome message to all your visitors. This lighting method can display where you want people to step and offers a very nice illumination for the front door. A professional deck builder in Chicago will know exactly how to handle your pathway lighting.

String Lights

While string lighting is not often used on the porch, there is no rule against using them in this way. When installed correctly, string lights can be warm and inviting with a holiday feeling all year long.

Motion Activated Lighting

This type of lighting offers a sense of safety. You will always know the lights will turn on as you approach your home, and they can deter intruders. They come in different varieties, so you can mount them in the traditional way on the wall, under stair railings, or even at the base of each step leading up to the front door.

There are many ways to light porches in Chicago. Choose the one that works best for you and offers great function, beauty, and style.