What color should you choose for your deck?

Your decking in Chicago plays a significant role in determining your outdoor living style. There are different colors that you can choose from to ensure that it matches the style of your home as well as your preferences. When choosing the right color for your home, you have to choose something that complements the color of your home’s exterior. This way, you’re adding some visual depth to the structure and causing your deck to stand out on its own.


Grey has become a trendy homeowner choice lately, especially if you enjoy the weathered and coastal look. There are two options when it comes to this color. The graphite is a rich, medium to dark grey color that adds relaxed sophistication to coastal or city-side decks. On the other hand, Aspen is a light and medium grey, intertwined with undertones of taupe.


If you want a decking that reminds of tropical resorts and looks inviting when they are lit, warm, and golden browns are the perfect color for you. Spotted Gum is a warm Australian hardwood, with an inviting shade of golden brown with darker brown streaking for added dimension. Tallowwood is another color to consider since it provides a golden brown that offers a dramatic wood look providing thoughts of warm, tropical locales.


Now, if you want a more traditional look for your decking, classic brown is the way to go. It provides a timeless and neutral appearance. One of the shades that you can consider is acorn. It has a deep, multi-chromatic shade with a combination of dark and medium browns that is perfect for a sophisticated and classic look. Lastly, it is reddish-brown, which provides your decking with a more contemporary vibe and always looks fresh and new. Jarrah is the color that is a majestic, vibrant red that will give your deck a look that you have always wanted.


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