What to expect when planning deck projects

Get some helpful advice on how to plan for building a deck

Building a new porch or deck for your home is a great way to improve and maximize the space available to you. Be sure to plan appropriately! Building a whole new deck isn’t as simple as painting your walls, so be sure to follow these tips from leading porch builders in Chicago.

Deck purpose and function

Start by answering the question, “Why do you want a deck?” A good deck builder in Chicago would consider reasons like entertaining, dining, or gardening, and construct the deck accordingly. Consider also the climate you’re in and the volume of foot traffic and usage you expect your patio to see.

Calculating a deck budget

Before dumping a bunch of money into decking in Chicago, carefully consider all the variables and draw up a thorough budget. Things to consider include deck size, design options, extras (seating, gardening, railings, etc.), cost of a deck builder in Chicago, and materials. Remember: there are plenty of ways to get a great and inexpensive deck!

Choosing a decking material

Deck building in Chicago includes a huge variety of options when choosing your materials. There are various types of wood, including weather-resistant, pressure-treated, and hardwood varieties. Then there are alternatives like composite, plastic, or aluminum. Do some research and find the one that’s best for you.

Style & shape of your deck

The shape of your deck will most likely be determined by your home design, so try to find a style which complements your architecture. Try to match styles and line curves so you don’t create a clashing aesthetic. The same rules apply when taking into account your landscaping.

Property size & deck building

The size of your property typically dictates the placement of your deck. In smaller properties in Chicago, decking is often placed in the only available space. If you have more options, it’s important to consider aspects such as sunlight and shade, wind exposure, precipitation, privacy, and potential views. When looking for deck builders near me Chicago, these considerations can guide you to the ideal deck location.