What’s the difference between a porch and a deck?

Different types of porches

Usually difference between porch and deck can be noticed at first glimpse, solely on the basis of construction’ looks. First one is built as integral extension to the house structure, often even covered by the same roof plane. The most basic type, front porch, was intended in such a way to provide enough space and protection against the elements for visitors awaiting admittance to the house. However, nowadays your choice isn’t solely limited to just this modest solution. Porch can be as large as you like (to accommodate garden furniture or even a porch swing), located on the back or side of the house or even wrapping around the whole building. If you like outdoors but aren’t particularly fond of unwanted bonuses in form of small debris or critters, you may even opt for enclosed porch with windows or screens.

What features set a deck apart from porch

With basic characteristic of a porch covered, we can now move to a deck. It’s usually made of the same materials (most often wood or composite) but it doesn’t make integral part of the house. Actually, in some cases, it’s not even attached to the main body of the building but functions as a freestanding, elevated platform. Another distinction is its function. While porch may be built for relaxation, with deck – leisure is its primary purpose. With furniture addition and built-in fire pit and / or hot tub, it can be used for sunbathing, grilling, relaxing or socializing. On top great versatility, deck also allows for effective landscaping of otherwise unusable area for example one with steep incline. Contrary to porches, most decks don’t have any additional covering or enclosures (maybe except for safety railings). While the absence of protection might make the construction more susceptible to elements, rot, and insects, its simplicity often results in a lower price compared to a similarly sized porch. When searching for deck builders near me Chicago, it’s essential to consider these factors to make an informed decision.