What’s the difference between the pergola and deck?

For your outdoor gathering space, you have chosen either a pergola or a deck, but can’t decide which one you want for your home. The easy pick is largely based on what you want to do with it, and how many guests or furniture you intend to put in the space.

A pergola is not attached to the home. It is essentially like a gazebo, with a roof, an open-air design, and the roof is supported by columns. It is mostly for relaxing without being in direct sunlight and letting your cares drift away on the breezes wafting through its open space.

A deck is attached to the home and is elevated with a crawl space underneath. It is often made of wood, supported by thick wood pylons, or beams braced on cement footers. It may or may not have handrails, and is largely used for lounging, barbeques, and other summer fun.

Accessing a pergola will take some walking, but that all depends on its proximity to the home. For yard aesthetics, it gives a southern touch that is romantic and classic in its innate style.

The deck is built level with a front or back door and is readily accessible at will. A single staircase or perhaps two are located at the edge of the deck and are often colored to match the wood the deck is constructed out of. All of it must be treated with a water sealant, so the wood doesn’t warp after contact with intense moisture, as wood often does.

When looking for deck builders near me Chicago, find a Chicago expert capable of adding a pergola, patio, deck, or veranda to complement your home. They’ll craft a stylish and functional outdoor space you’ll enjoy time and time again.

Now that you know what a pergola and a deck is, which one do you desire a decking company install for you in Chicago?