Will you leave your porch opened or screened-in?

Sunny days are coming and that’s the highest time to think about the place for your family rest. Porches constructed by professional decking companies Chicago are getting more and more popular still. Undeniably, they’re great and modern extension of your living space. Whether it’s a front or back porch, the relax and resting after exhausting day is guaranteed there. That’s quite inexpensive solution that enables you to enjoy the outdoors in the best possible manner. The question that appears in every homeowner’s mind is: should I have opened porch or it will be better to screen it? 


Pros and cons of screened-in porches

Depending on the preferences and your living place, it will be necessary to decide: opened or screened-in porch? Before you make a choice which type will be the most proper one, be aware that this place task is to meet your needs in order to work great for your family. Do you look for the space that will be welcoming and cozy? Do you prefer wooden, natural elements for your decking? Or maybe resistance and longevity are crucial in your opinion? Based on those answers, you’ll create the construction plan. When you’re on the lookout for assistance, remember that searching for porch builders near me Chicago will connect you with professionals ready to help bring your porch project to life. You’ll be guided by them every step of the way. The plan will probably reveal which type – opened or screened-in – will be better for you to choose. 

Open porches enable to enjoy fresh air the most deeply. They’re installed more often in the front of the houses. However, if you live on busy street and have constant problem with mosquitoes, it’s better to think open porch over twice. 

Porch builders from Chicago claim that screened-in porches are more frequently chosen nowadays. Because of privacy, they’re used more for backside of the buildings. Thanks to glass and doors they provide homeowners with more real spare place. Having them, you don’t need to rely on weather – inside heaters installation is always the option there. Moreover, you’re protected from annoying mosquitoes and moths presence. But on the other hand, let’s admit – the screens mean added cost. The same is with maintenance, windows cleaning will be required from time to time. It’s also important to remember that having screened-in porch Chicago will definitely obstruct some part of your outside view. 

All in all, having porches Chicago is a great deal. There are various combinations available. Think carefully what you need and enjoy your time there!